Welcome to the EMDR Europe
Workshop Conference 2024

Pathways to Peace with EMDR
7 - 9 June 2024
Convention Center Dublin, Ireland

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EMDR Europe Workshop Conference 2024 in Dublin!

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President of EMDR Europe Association




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Dear Colleagues,

It is no coincidence that the theme of the 2024 EMDR Europe conference in Dublin is “Pathways to Peace with EMDR”. Ireland ‘s history is a journey of striving for wellbeing, independence, and peace. Only in 1998 was a peace agreement reached in the more recent acute phase of conflict in Northern Ireland.

Inspiringly, the EMDR community in Ireland came together in 2020 to form a single EMDR All-Ireland Association, bringing together EMDR therapists on both sides of the Irish border. EMDR All-Ireland Association is a first of its kind, the sign of a will to reach out to the others ­­– acknowledging, respecting, and embracing cultural, political, religious, and individual differences. Such a process needs courage, time, and a strong will of all communities to be successful.

“Pathways to Peace with EMDR” relates also to something very dear to Francine Shapiro. She believed that EMDR therapy could reduce and prevent the transfer of trauma from one generation to the next, and in doing so, building trust between people and nations, and helping to create the conditions for lasting peace. This is what EMDR therapists are doing every day, directly or indirectly, all over Europe and all over the world.

We are aware that the attainment of this goal is extremely challenging and far from being achieved. EMDR Europe strongly believes in this vision, and this is why clinicians from all European countries and beyond will gather in Dublin in June 2024 to share this vision that promotes humanity in its best values and resources.

As well as hosting workshops and keynote presentations around this theme, the conference will also host a broad range of other workshops, exploring the latest clinical development in EMDR therapy. It will give the chance for attendees to meet other clinicians and researchers from all around the world, united with one common goal: share knowledge and innovations in the field of EMDR therapy, and personal and professional enrichment as EMDR therapist. The beautiful city of Dublin, its famous Irish welcome and its green surrounding landscape will make your stay a memorable one. Not to mention the Gala dinner at the world-famous Guinness storehouse.

During the 2024 Dublin Conference, EMDR Europe will celebrate its 25th anniversary. There is no better way to celebrate this special Jubilee of our association than remembering Francine Shapiro’s vision and legacy: the strive for Peace ­– inner peace and peace between human beings.


I will be very happy to meet you in Dublin.


Olivier Piedfort-Marin Ph.D.

President of EMDR Europe Association