Thursday 6th June 2024 from 14.00 to 17:30


Convention Center Dublin

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What is unique about EMDR supervision

This program is for EMDR supervisors who are consulting with EMDR therapists at all levels of training and experience. For more information download the abstract below.

Dr Robin Logie is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice who works with both adults and children. He trained in EMDR in 1996. He is an EMDR Europe accredited Consultant and Senior Trainer.

Robin was on the Board of the EMDR Association UK and was its President for three years. During this time, he was on the steering committee for two international EMDR conferences and he opened the 2014 EMDR Europe conference in Edinburgh in the presence of Francine Shapiro. He is currently a member of the Accreditation Committees for the EMDR Associations in both the UK and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Robin has a specific interest in using EMDR for OCD and, in particular, the Flashforward procedure on which he published a seminal paper together with Ad de Jongh in 2014. Robin has extensive experience of using the storytelling approach with children and adolescents and has co-authored a book on this topic on which he also presented at the EMDR Europe conference in Valencia in 2022.

Robin has presented on the topic of EMDR supervision at the EMDR Europe conference in The Hague, for the Belgium EMDR Association and as a keynote speaker for the Germany EMDR Association. He has presented Consultants Trainings in the UK and Cairo. In 2023 Routledge published his book, entitled EMDR Supervision, A Handbook.


Note that:

  • This WS is strictly reserved to approved EMDR Consultants
  • Consultants' day can only be booked in combination with the conference